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since 1993

Hello and Welcome!

We welcome you here at and are happy that you are interested in our service and products. We are proud to be able to offer you our calendar innovation called CalendarBox©. It is the perfect addition to your (home) office. Here, we focus on the creation of wonderful desktop calendars in an aesthetic but functional way. Our range are the Creative CalendarBox or the Customized CalendarBox.

Our Creative CalendarBox creations are pre-made calendars which we provide in two versions: either PhotoDesign or GraphicDesign CalendarBoxes which are both offered at our Online Shop. This Online Shop will be available for you as soon as possible. We still have to fix a few things until we can offer you our beautiful Creative CalendarBoxes.

Despite that our Customized CalendarBox is a special service to our B2B-customers. CalendarBox creates your individual bespoke CalendarBox for advertising purposes or year end gifts for employees or customers. 

 Our experts here at CalendarBox© are passionate about what they do and pushing it to the limits both in terms of design and functionality. On this website, we explain to you how everything started back in 1993, who we are and what we do. In addition to that, we give you examples of our last cooperation projects and past orders. References are listed, designs are presented and through out all that the love to our work and the desire for outstanding products is shown in the following. See for yourself!

For us as company, this was the perfect gift for our employees.

Kerstin Fuhrmann, Sound Company

We used Customized CalendarBoxes for our wedding invitations! It was a nice reminder for our guest. Every month they had a beautiful photo on their desk telling them when our special day was!

D. Lindmann

What We Offer

Creative   CalendarBox

These Creative CalendarBoxes are individually designed calendars for your own desktop – either at work or at home – with professional high quality photos or innovative graphic designs.

At CalendarBox©, we team up with professional photographers or graphic designers who make aesthetic Creative CalendarBoxes.

 Each one is a piece of art especially created for you!

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Creative CalendarBox

Customized CalendarBox

This is a special service to our B2B-customers:

Is your company looking for a special gift for its employees? 

Or is your company planning on sending out commercial gifts to its customers?

CalendarBox©  is an creative idea for that! We can design any sort of specialist bespoke calendar, organize photography, printing, collations, packing and delivery anywhere in the world.

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Customized CalendarBox

Why CalendarBox?

  • Incredible layouts that are an innovation to your workplace.
  • The aesthetic look combined with the functionality of a calendar overview.
  • Outstanding photos and designs are combined with clear and useful overview of each month of the year.
  • Excellent customer service while creating your Customized CalendarBox.
Photography Skills
Graphic Design Skills
Customer Relation Management Skills
Language Skills
Coffee Making Skills

You Want To See More?

Visit our ‘CREATIVE’ page in order to get know more about Creative CalendarBoxes.